пятница, 6 мая 2011 г.

CoConUt Traveller

Many people like travelling and they use almost every chance for it. 

My idea was to create useful tool for travelling people. Of course a lot of information can be found in the World Wide Web, but it'd be very convenient to have all in one place regardless the internet connection. Whether you are Europe citizen and came to Russia or to US or whatever country first time - obviously there will be a lot of things which are unfamiliar to you. Even if you are experienced traveller - it is not necessary to remember all the information like 1 km\h = 0.621371192 MpH. 
Do you know your clothing size in Russian metric? What about German, US? What about not your's sizes? How to convert it? 

Coming soon:)

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  1. Finally it is published! Enjoy! :)